Biodegradable boxes made with high-grade
food safe material

Eco Friendly Packaging Box

In current scenario, advanced technology and industrialization has caused immense loss to our Mother Earth. Our future generations have the same right to enjoy nature as we, Therefore nature sustainability is important. Based on that we produce them in all shapes and sizes, no matter what shape your product is or how big it is we will produce the box according to the dimensions and the shape you want. The modern packaging industry is well aware of the need to sustain nature and that’s why it is acting on four R’s rule: reduce, reuse, recycle and reproduce.  Eco friendly boxes are now available which are made of recycled material and can be re used and recycled for future use too. 


Electronic Box
Garments Packaging Box
Pharma Industries
Mobile Accessories
Popcorn Box
Health, Beauty and skin care
Chips Box
Nutrition Box
Kitchen Accessories
Walnut & Nuts Box


Light Weight
Attractive Design
Flawless Finish
Long Lasting Print
Custom Size
Cost Effective
Durable in Nature
Specialized Paper Box
Safe Packaging
Preferred GSM Thickness
Protects the Products
Simple in Packaging

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